The Keller girls!

June 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I had a great time working with Shauna and her girls, Hadlee who's 3 and Lexie who's about 7 months!  This was my third time working with this wonderful family and I always have so much fun with them!  They make my job so easy, they are super awesome at smiling and looking so darn cute!  I could easily photograph them all day and get so many wonderful images!  Enjoy these images!

*images aren't edited yet!


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Isaiah is 1!!!

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I have really been so lucky to have Emily and Joseph and their boys, Eli and Isaiah as clients!  When they come for their photos it feels like I'm just letting some good friends in the door and we just have a fun, easy going time photographing their cute little boys.. we share stories about our kiddos, share some laughs, show the kiddos the cats and horses, and lose any pride we had trying to get mr. Eli to smile!  He'd much rather be a typical 2 year old boy and play, but on the flip side, little brother Isaiah hams it up for the camera, so it all levels out haha!  I can not believe Isaiah is already 1, he sure has grown into such a handsome, charming little boy!  Enjoy these sneak peaks!

*images are not edited.

IMG_8368IMG_8368 IMG_8393IMG_8393 IMG_8408IMG_8408 IMG_8418IMG_8418 IMG_8420IMG_8420 IMG_8425IMG_8425 IMG_8431IMG_8431 IMG_8438IMG_8438 IMG_8445IMG_8445 IMG_8448IMG_8448 IMG_8455IMG_8455 IMG_8478IMG_8478 IMG_8480IMG_8480 IMG_8485IMG_8485 IMG_8499IMG_8499 IMG_8517IMG_8517 IMG_8510IMG_8510

Baby Adley

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I know Kyle and Michelle from when I photographed their beautiful wedding!  Now I got to help them celebrate the blessing of their sweet little girl, Adley!  I am so excited I got to capture some wonderful memories of this sweet little girl.  She is absolutely adorable for one, and has a super fun personality already, you can just tell she's one special little girl!  I couldn't resist giving her some snuggles and I took way too many photos of her but I just couldn't help it!  I mean look at her!  Enjoy these sneak peaks, remember these images aren't edited yet.

Keller Family

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This last summer I was lucky enough to have Shauna and Craig Keller's kiddos, Landon and Hadlee come for a photography session!  They are just the cutest kids, and so well behaved, I loved photographing them!  Now I got to see them again for photos but this time they brought their new baby sister, Lexie, who is just 3 months old!  It was so fun to meet her and see her pretty long baby hair and her big blue eyes!  She had to be the most smiley 3 month old I've ever photographed, I just loved that big baby smile she had!  I had so much fun photographing this family and hope you all enjoy the sneak peaks of them!

*images aren't edited yet!

Sauri Kids!

October 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had a blast photographing Lily, Oliver and baby Russell!  These three are so cute and adorable together!  I can tell they all have a close bond and will grow up and have each other's backs no matter what.  I first meet Susan, their wonderful mom when she brought baby Russell to me for his newborn photographs.  I can not believe how much he has grown and how adorably chunky he is!  I just loved it!  Enjoy these sneak peaks and remember they're not yet edited!