Free Spirit Photography: Blog en-us (C) Free Spirit Photography (Free Spirit Photography) Tue, 22 May 2018 20:39:00 GMT Tue, 22 May 2018 20:39:00 GMT Free Spirit Photography: Blog 80 120 Isaiah is 1!!! I have really been so lucky to have Emily and Joseph and their boys, Eli and Isaiah as clients!  When they come for their photos it feels like I'm just letting some good friends in the door and we just have a fun, easy going time photographing their cute little boys.. we share stories about our kiddos, share some laughs, show the kiddos the cats and horses, and lose any pride we had trying to get mr. Eli to smile!  He'd much rather be a typical 2 year old boy and play, but on the flip side, little brother Isaiah hams it up for the camera, so it all levels out haha!  I can not believe Isaiah is already 1, he sure has grown into such a handsome, charming little boy!  Enjoy these sneak peaks!

*images are not edited.

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Baby Adley I know Kyle and Michelle from when I photographed their beautiful wedding!  Now I got to help them celebrate the blessing of their sweet little girl, Adley!  I am so excited I got to capture some wonderful memories of this sweet little girl.  She is absolutely adorable for one, and has a super fun personality already, you can just tell she's one special little girl!  I couldn't resist giving her some snuggles and I took way too many photos of her but I just couldn't help it!  I mean look at her!  Enjoy these sneak peaks, remember these images aren't edited yet.

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Keller Family This last summer I was lucky enough to have Shauna and Craig Keller's kiddos, Landon and Hadlee come for a photography session!  They are just the cutest kids, and so well behaved, I loved photographing them!  Now I got to see them again for photos but this time they brought their new baby sister, Lexie, who is just 3 months old!  It was so fun to meet her and see her pretty long baby hair and her big blue eyes!  She had to be the most smiley 3 month old I've ever photographed, I just loved that big baby smile she had!  I had so much fun photographing this family and hope you all enjoy the sneak peaks of them!

*images aren't edited yet!

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Sauri Kids! I had a blast photographing Lily, Oliver and baby Russell!  These three are so cute and adorable together!  I can tell they all have a close bond and will grow up and have each other's backs no matter what.  I first meet Susan, their wonderful mom when she brought baby Russell to me for his newborn photographs.  I can not believe how much he has grown and how adorably chunky he is!  I just loved it!  Enjoy these sneak peaks and remember they're not yet edited!


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Dalen family and Isaiah is 6 months! This family is one of my very favorites!  I've know Joseph and Emily since they were engaged and we did their engagement photos. Now here they are bringing their second son, Isaiah for his 6 month shoot! How time flies!

We were lucky to get some family ones of everyone.  We also got lots of fun ones of little smiley Isaiah, he was such a trooper and did so well!  Enjoy these sneak peaks and remember they're not yet edited!




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Schmidt Family and Becca HS Senior NLS 2018 I had such a fun time photographing Bill and Kristin Schmidt and their daughters, Becca and Hanna!  We did family photos and Becca's senior photos!  I was a little nervous starting out as the sky was dark and it was sprinkling rain, but as we got going on the session indoors, it got better outdoors luckily!  The sky ended up clearing and we got some great shots in!  We had fun capturing all of Becca's interests, cheer leading, gymnastics, horses, and her super cute pup.  Enjoy these sneak peaks and remember they're not yet edited!


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Keller Kids This morning was so much fun, I just couldn't wait to get this blog posted!  I had Landon and Hadlee in for a shoot this morning, Landon is 5 which he told me right away when he came haha! Hadlee's 2 and sweet as can be!  They were so perfect for photos, it couldn't have gone any better, both kiddos smile so nice and listen so well, I was amazed!  Enjoy these sneak peaks and remember they're not yet edited!


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Shaw family! I had a blast photographing the Shaw family at Dickerson's Lake Florida Resort.  Their family as been vacationing there for over thirty years together as a family, isn't that just so fun?!  They wanted to capture some shots of them at the place where they all come together and enjoy time together every Summer.  I thought that was just so wonderful!  I enjoyed meeting the family and capturing some fun shots of them in front of the beautiful lake Florida and in front of the beautiful flowers that you can find all over the resort!  Enjoy these images, remember they're not yet edited!


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Giere family! I was fortunate enough to photograph the lovely Giere family about 5 years ago, and again now!  They had good reason to have me come update their portraits, it was Cy and Shirley's 60th wedding anniversary and they had a big celebration for it right after we finished our session!  Congratulations again Cy and Shirley!!!  Enjoy these sneak peaks of their lovely family, remember these images are not yet edited. 

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Alsleben Family I had a blast with the Alsleben family capturing some great shots of the little ones and everyone all together!  I meet Martha (grandma of the group!) through the Hawk Creek Animal Shelter in Willmar.  She purchased my gift certificate this year at the Save our Tails event and used it for a session for her whole family!  She has a beautiful family and three CUTE grandsons!  Enjoy these sneak peaks, photos aren't edited yet!

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A.J. is ONE! Wow, time sure does fly by!  Little A.J. just celebrated his first birthday not too long ago!  I can hardly believe it, seems like he was just born!  I had so much fun capturing his newborn, 6 months and 1 year photos, along with photos of his big sister Olivia, and their mom and dad, Jasmine and Andy.  I love this family and have so much fun working with them every session we do!! I also feel so blessed to call them our friends as well!  Enjoy these sneak peaks, and remember they're not yet edited!!




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Isaiah's newborn photos! I had a wonderful time capturing Isaiah's newborn photos!  He is such a little sweetheart, and so easy going and mellow!  I was fortunate enough to already know his sweet mom and dad, Emily and Joseph, I had done their engagement photographs for them, and then Isaiah's older brother, Eli's, newborn, 6 month and 1 year photographs!  It was fun seeing Eli again, (he's almost 2 now!) and his mom and dad too!  I just love this family and always look forward to their shoots!  Enjoy these sneak peaks, (they're not yet edited!)

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Russell's Newborn Photos! I have to say, photographing newborns are my favorite kind of shoot to do... Once you look at Russell's photographs, you'll see why.  They are so sweet, innocent and the most beautiful little souls.  I just can't get enough of them!  Russell's mom, Susan, brought him in on Valentine's day for his newborn shoot.  He was about 1 month old and just so sweet!  What a happy Valentine's day for me it was!  Enjoy checking out my favorites from the shoot!  *these are not yet edited!

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Cooper's 6 month photos! I can't believe it's already been 6 months since I took Cooper's newborn photos!  He has grown so much and can now sit up, babble and smile the cutest smile ever!  I had a blast capturing his cute little personality and I also got to photograph him with his big brother and mom and dad too!  This little boy sure is loved!  Here's a few of my favorites, *they're not yet edited!

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Reed's senior photos! When Karen, (Reed's mom!) gave me a call it said it was time to do her middle child's senior portraits, I could hard believe three years had flown by since I photographed her daughter, Amanda, for her senior portraits!  So we scheduled a time and place to shoot. Reed wanted his photographs done at Little Crow Golf Course as he's a avid golfer!  I got to ride in the golf cart and take lots of fun shots I've never gotten to do before, it was so much fun!  I am glad we were able to get lots of fun shots at the golf course and I even learned a bit about golf haha!  Then we shot over to NLS school and did a few shots by the house that Reed is helping to build!  He is a super nice fun guy and his mom is super sweet and kind, what a wonderful family to work with!  Lucky me!  Enjoy these sneak peaks!

*these photos are not edited. 

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Baby A.J. is 6 months old! I am so fortunate to call Jasmine and Andy, friends of ours!  I have been photographing their beautiful family since before Olivia, their oldest, was born.  Now their little guy, A.J. is already 6 months old, so of course we had to do another shoot!  This time we chose to head over to Sibley State Park and take advantage of all the beautiful fall colors!  I LOVE how these shots turned out!  Enjoy these sneak peaks!

*photos aren't edited.

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Hudson's newborn and family session! I was so excited when Heather called me up to photograph their newborn son, Hudson!  I knew Heather and her husband Nathan from church, we mostly just had time to talk in passing there, but now after our photo shoot I got to know them so much more and can truly call them friends of ours!  What an amazing shoot, to be able to make new friends and to capture some adorable images of their cute newborn and their older son, Kyle too! Kyle is a wonderful big brother at almost 4 years old himself, he knows how to hold Hudson gently and already knows how to give his little brother lots of love!  They were so cute together!  As for mr. Hudson, he was just so adorable!  He has super awesome dark, soft baby hair, and the cutest little features.  He's a big boy weighing in at over 10 pounds when he was born, and I just love that since I had big babies too!  More baby rolls to love on!  We got lots of great images of him, he was a trooper and slept great throughout most of the shoot!  I even got to do a pumpkin theme shot with him for the Fall season!  So much fun!  Enjoy these sneak peaks!

*Images aren't edited!

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Hannah's newborn portrait session! This little beauty was a delight to photograph!  Her mom and dad, Alissa and Jeff are so very blessed to have this little gal in their lives!  I am so glad they chose me to photograph her during her first couple weeks to capture these sweet moments of her!  I love photographing newborn babies, and I have to say I really love photographing the girl newborns because then I can put huge flowers on them and all kinds of other fun things and use pinks and purples on them, my two favorite colors!  Enjoy these sneak peaks of little Hannah! 

*photos are not edited.



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Emily's senior photos! NLS '17 I kinda already knew who Emily was even before I photographed her because I had done her older brother and sister's senior photos as well!  So I was pretty excited for it to be Emily's turn this year!  Emily is a senior from New London-Spicer High School, she is a cool, go with the flow, nature loving, fun, beautiful kind of girl!  We did a few shots at the studio and then finished up at Sibley State Park which is just a few miles from my place.  Sibley was the perfect spot to photograph Emily, and we had so much fun walking around finding the best places to take her photos.  Enjoy these sneak peaks ( I had a super hard time narrowing it down, there's way too many good ones of her! )

*These are not edited


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Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Every year I donate a free session or two to the "Save Our Tails" event benefiting the Hawk Creek animal shelter in Willmar.  I have a passion for helping and caring for animals, as does Lois and Todd Anderson.  They attended the event and bid on and won my free session!  I always love seeing who ends up with the session, it's so fun and easy to get to know them because I already know we have one major love in common, animals!  Lois and Todd came to me for some professional photos of them as a couple!  They were so easy going and so much fun to photograph, enjoy these sneak peaks of my favorites!

* photos are not yet edited


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